Fine arts

I speak with paint, crayon, pencil, pen, and objects. I am a colorist. I like to walk the line between abstraction and representation. Within a piece, Some shapes seem familiar some not, looking further something different appears to you.

The familiar becomes unfamiliar then familiar, in a different way My painting is both spontaneous and carefully arranged. I hope there is joy in it. I paint people. Looking for their edges, the contour line. some parts left out. I’ll choose the essentials Who are you? I see what i see I see who i see Who you might be i might be close enough.

I speak with objects Collect them within the studio they find each other. they become Rauschenberg’s WORD COMBINES, sculpture, installation you might detect humor, hope so. hope the spirit of it all is contagious 

I relate to a female response to the heroic intentions and lofty tragic themes of a mostly male abstract expressionism. I earned my Master of Fine Arts at The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

I would like to think that my style uses athleticism, (I am a sprinter and now a competitive tennis player), line, gesture, color, and a connection to the model.

I was born in San Francisco and have a strong identity with the place: My great great grandfather was the sheriff of Mono County during the Gold Rush.

I am an empathetic listener and viewer of the work of my fellow artists. I am passionate and spirited.

Here’s an article about me from the Pennsylvania Academy of The Fine Arts blog:

From Silicon Valley to the Studio