beth Cody

Fine arts
I speak with paint, crayon, pencil, pen, and objects. I am a colorist. I like to walk the line between abstraction and representation. Within a piece, Some shapes seem familiar some not, looking further something different appears to you.

New Work of

beth Cody
I speak with paint. My most recent interest is sound, rhythm and words as the subject for a painting. My slides include work painted while repeatedly listening to certain songs. The songs all were chosen for their poetic lyrics, sound, and rhythm and because parts of the lyrics have stayed with me in some cases as far back as grade school. A tune that gets stuck in your head is called an earwig or earworm and thus is the series title. I am an artist who draws and paints but that does not tell the whole story. I am a writer of prose and poetry and I am beginning to incorporate this with visual art.



Green Bowl

green bowl header was first attracted to Joan Brown’s painting Green…

Dorothea Lange: Archive as Art

They say history repeats itself. Over the last few months…

Beacon Room for Light & Room for Work

Train departs from the grand, Grand Central Station. Outside the window…