in my PAFA studio

I speak with paint. My most recent interest is sound, rhythm and words as the subject for a painting. My slides include work painted while repeatedly listening to certain songs. The songs all were chosen for their poetic lyrics, sound, and rhythm and because parts of the lyrics have stayed with me in some cases as far back as grade school. A tune that gets stuck in your head is called an earwig or earworm and thus is the series title. I am an artist who draws and paints but that does not tell the whole story. I am a writer of prose and poetry and I am beginning to incorporate this with visual art.





In my studio

In my Palo Alto studio

I work from life. My first real painting and drawing was done from the live model 25 years ago. I was working with large, mostly female, models, many of whom had posed for members of the Bay Area Figurative school. Along with an interest in abstraction, I have a strong history of and desire to work from life. I like painting and drawing very short gestural poses, as well as long poses that allow for accuracy and looking very carefully. I love the immediacy and real life surroundings in plein aire painting. Working in the moment before the light changes and while people move in and out of the scene is exciting to me.

In my work, I am happy with white spaces of canvas or paper showing through; I like my work to breathe. I am driven by color much of the time, I work with it instinctively. I also love a simple line drawing and am intrigued by what is left out.


I relate to a female response to the heroic intentions and lofty tragic themes of a mostly male abstract expressionism. I earned my Master of Fine Arts at The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

I would like to think that my style uses athleticism, (I am a sprinter and now a competitive tennis player), line, gesture, color, and a connection to the model.

I was born in San Francisco and have a strong identity with the place: My great great grandfather was the sheriff of Mono County during the Gold Rush.

I am an empathetic listener and viewer of the work of my fellow artists. I am passionate and spirited.

Here’s an article about me from the Pennsylvania Academy of The Fine Arts blog:

From Silicon Valley to the Studio

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